About BGA

Intellectual Property Rights are an essential part of the creative industry, but understanding, negotiating and managing them can be complex and time-consuming.

Set up in September 2016, BGA has quickly built up an impressive and varied client list of both large and small companies across the Broadcasting, Media and Arts sectors (see Recent Clients here).

BGA offers you the benefit of over 20 years’ of senior-level experience at the BBC, dealing with multiple stakeholders and organisations in the UK and overseas, combined with expert knowledge of leading and delivering the rights to enable major new services, projects and partnerships.

In addition to traditional media, BGA prides itself on working with industry leaders, creators, producers, technology wizards and strategists to develop pioneering rights models that keep them one step ahead of the competition.

Always keeping a beady-eye on market trends, policy and tech developments, BGA offers a bespoke, first-class rights strategy, negotiation & management service for:

  • Broadcasters and independent television producers
  • Leaders of cutting-edge digital products, services and events using audiovisual content
  • Talent Unions, Rights Representatives and Collecting Societies
  • Key Talent, Creatives and their associated agents
  • TV Distributors and other secondary exploitation businesses
  • Rights Policy organisations and Government
  • Television, Sound, Image and other Archives
  • The Arts, Culture and Charity sectors
  • Ad agencies, retailers and other media or tech companies

BGA can call upon an extensive network of industry contacts, subject experts and support services.



Ben is a joy to work with – a winning combination of encyclopaedic knowledge and experience in the rights arena, efficiency, empathy, and an eye for detail.

Janice Forsyth – Creative Director, WatchScotch Media/ StreamScotland