Rights Management

Once rights have been created, or acquired, they need to be effectively and responsibly managed: – either to protect, license, exploit them commercially, or to find new business models to adapt your rights to ever-changing technology.

BGA can advise and support your business through:

  • Programme Rights Management and Distribution
  • Commercial Rights Exploitation, including windowing and licence expiry management
  • Exemptions process and management
  • Archive Exploitation – review of existing rights, and managing new routes to market
  • Contract reviews and/or adapting existing Agreements for new rights models and means of exploitation
  • Rights Management databases

BGA is well connected to other related services in the Media, and can draw on support from:

  • Payments, auditing and royalty accounting services
  • Legal services (Brand Protection, Litigation, and IP policy)
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Project Managers with experience of Rights Strategy Implementation