The Space – New Digital Rights Framework for the ArtsCASE STUDY


June 2019

BGA has recently concluded a significant project with The Space (funded by Arts Council England / BBC), developing a ‘lexicon’ of digital rights uses and terminology for The Arts which has now been agreed by all the major UK Talent Unions and rights representatives.

Having consulted a number of theatre, dance, opera and arts producers, it was clear that many of them required help with rights when they wished to publish their creative work online.  This much-needed initiative aligned with, and then became part of, UK Government’s DCMS ‘Culture Is Digital’ project.

BGA led discussions with the rights bodies over many months, resulting in this consistent, plain-english terminology, to be used (where not already found in framework agreements) across the cultural sector where possible. It aims to be the first step towards a new ‘Digital Rights Code of Practice’ for the sector.

Click HERE to access the lexicon, and for an accompanying ‘Digital Rights Toolkit’ (partly written by BGA) click on the follwing link: Digital Rights Toolkit – The Space